What is a Virtual Private Server?

Purchased GramCreator? See how a Virtual Private Server (VPS) can help you.


A virtual private server can come in handy when running GramCreator. This is because it provides an easy platform in which you can run programs on 24/7.

In this case, a business which does not have opening and closing times (online business for example), can benefit massively from this. This is because, the tool will always be running, and therefore will always be creating accounts, instead of only running at certain times of the day (IE: 1pm to 9pm). Furthermore, if your business does have these strict time limits, then you can completely remove them, and brag that you have 24/7 creation through Instagram, which can ultimately increase efficiency.

Let’s set one up, shall we?


  • Windows operating system
  • .NET Installed (most computers come with it)


  • Use ProfitServer. They are a russian VPS provider. (If you need help with translations, look at the top right corner, and click on translate. Chrome only).

Why use ProfitServer? Simple. Their prices are unbeatable. You can get $3/month VPS’s, which you would find for $10 in any other website.

  • Log in to the Instagram account from chrome on the VPS before launching it on the tool. (You might need to verify the account on that IP).

Full Tutorial:

  1. Buy a ProfitServer Windows 2012 VPS (make sure its not RUS, unless you’re russian)
  2. Wait a few hours for the virtual private server to active
  3. When its activated, use the Remote Desktop Connection app on Windows to connect (or otherwise on other OS’s)
  4. Head over to our login page & download the client.
  5. Log in through a browser to your Instagram account first (might need email/sms verification).
  6. Launch GramCreator & enjoy having your Software create accounts 24/7.

As always, we hope you took some good knowledge away from this post. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us at admin@gramcreator.com

Happy Botting!

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