How To Purchase & Download GramCreator

Made your mind up yet? Here’s how to buy our software.

We’re glad you made your mind up. GramCreator is an innovative tool that will improve your efficiency, and clearly save you loads of time.

Here’s a quick guide on purchasing & downloading the software.

Make sure you are running a Windows system before purchasing GramCreator. If you are on a Mac, we recommend using services like to purchase VPS’s (Virtual Private Servers), that you can configure with any operating system you want. Specifically Windows in this case. If you need help on how to do that, please visit: What is a VPS

Step 1: Head over to Memberships, where you can take a look at a suitable membership type for your budget. In comparison to other tools, we do actually offer a Lifetime plan, which generally saves you a lot of money in the long term, as recurring payments are not charged.

Step 2: Click on whichever payment button you want, and you should be taken to a PayPal link. Here, you can pay with your PayPal account, which will be used to send your registration details. Make sure you own this PayPal account before you purchase GramCreator.

Step 3: After payment, you should receive a link in your email for registration. Here is what it looks like:

Just click on the link that is given in the email body, and register on our system. This is the username & password you will be assigned to login to GramCreator.

Step 4: After registration, you should receive an email saying your registration is complete. This is good, as you are now finished.

Step 5: Login through Member Login & download the client. After that, you should be done!

Optional: If you forget your username/password for whatever reason, just head over to Password Reset & insert your email there.

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