A list of some of the features we offer with GramCreator. Most of these features are part of the software. We also have a lot of other hidden features on the website, hidden sections, tools and more. If you have any question about any of these features do not hesitate to contact us either via live chat or email, preferably GMT hours.


Phone Verification

Our account creator can automatically Phone Verify your accounts with popular SMS sites.

Account Profiling

Profile your created IG accounts - add to their biography, link, and even upload custom avatar!

Email Verification

Our account creator can email verify accounts with gmail, yahoo, o2.pl, onet.pl & many more.

Perfect Protection

Instagram detects many account creators nowadays, this is not the case with ours.

Custom Export Format

Export your accounts in any format you want. You can also add all the cookies to the account too.

Follow People

Follow people after creation (random/custom), so that your accounts look more legitimate & authentic!

All Kinds Of Proxies

We allow socks proxies, http, ipv4, ipv6, residential and mobile proxies and in all kinds of format!

Quick Error Reporting

Report errors from within the software, and we will fix it as quickly as we can. No need to contact us.

Mobile Creation

Not only create accounts on Desktop, but choose an option to create the instagram accounts on mobile.

Phone Account Creation

Create accounts via a phone number and automatically verify it through SMS.

Updater Feature

Update your software and chrome/user agents from within our software, without opening our website.

Select Timeout

Use a custom timer amount, this option is perfect for slower proxies who need to wait more for loading.

Generate Random Emails

Create random emails. You can use domains such as @gmail, @yahoo, @mail and much more!

Random Chrome Size

This helps with success rates. Making randomness high is important to simulate a user.

Random User Agent

Our user agent pool is 100+, and we have a tool that will generate you 500+ random user agents.

Mouse Tracking

Another feature that simulates a user. Our chrome browser simulate a mouse over the elements.

Email Deletion

After a real email is used, it will be removed from the text file to keep track of the used email addresses.

Anti-blacklisting Email

We generate a fake email before creating an account, then change it to the real one (preventing blacklist).

Proxy options

Choose between using no proxy, using a proxy with user and password, or a proxy with only port.

Manual Accounts Tab

Create accounts manually with proxies. This is used for test purposes if you need to create manually

Android Proxy

Use mobile phone as a proxy between GramCreator and Instagram. It will turn airplane off and on.

No Update Needed!

If SMS service OR email service needed, we are happy to makes these updates without re-download.

Wait After Creation

If you need time for your proxies IP to renew/change, we allow an option to wait x seconds after creation.

Add A Referrer

Visit a site before visiting Instagram.com, this will allow you to have cookies & increase success rate.

Challenge or PVA

Choose between challenge or PVA for phone verification. In case you only need challenge for ex.

Remove Phone

If you want to use a phone to solve the challenge, and want to remove it after, this is an option.

Make Account Private

Make your Instagram account private after creation. This is a user preference which you can set.

Store SMS Details

If you manage a lot of SMS accounts, we allow you to store and remember all your accounts in one.

Choose SMS Country

If you want to choose United Kingdom, or USA, you can. A lot of countries for SMS are accepted.

Process Manager

See all the GramCreator processes that are simultaneously running, check up as you like.

Single Account Creation

Create a single account. This is useful to test if a proxy will work or not to create an account.

Set Thread Count

Choose amount of accounts you want to create simultaneously. Allows you to scale tremendously.

Amazing Graphics

Constant UI updates to improve the look and design of our website/software. Free eye candy!

Phone Instead Of Email

Register accounts on a phone number to increase success rates, instead of using normal emails.

Online Proxies

Add proxies using a link instead of a text file. Perfect if your list is hosted on any type of server / not local.

Birthday Support

Support for new birthday modal requested upon account creation. Random (over 18) birthday.