Emails For Instagram Account Creation

GramCreator Email Management For Instagram Account Creation

Does Instagram care about the emails we use for registration? When should we add them to our account and how does GramCreator handle registering accounts with custom emails? These among others, are one of the most popular questions we get on a daily basis. Here is our take on emails. How we handle them, how Instagram handles them, and what the best types are.

What are the best emails for creating accounts on Instagram?

The best is to use popular email services. Why? Because Instagram ranks them higher due to their own protection against automation. Gmail is probably your best bet, as they are the most popular and the hardest to automate/create email accounts on, and therefore in their eyes, you have a higher chance of being a human if you are registering accounts on gmail addresses.

Furthermore, if your emails match with the proxy location you’re using, as described in our other blog post (The 10 Foundations Of Instagram Account Creation), then you will look much less suspicious, and their algorithm might not flag you at all. IE: & russian proxies.

How Do I Use Emails On GramCreator?

Easy. First you must collect a list of emails in the following format: email:password and store them in a text file one per line. You can either buy these by making a simple search for “buy email accounts” or make your own using your own bot. You then simply add them using “Open Emails”.

If you want to use email verification: Ensure that your emails have POP3/IMAP enabled on them. This way GramCreator can connect to them, retrieve the latest email, and email verify the accounts.

What Emails Are Supported In GramCreator?

These are some of the email services GramCreator supports:


As always, we encourage our customers to request any other email services they want and we will happily add them if they support IMAP/POP3.

How Does GramCreator Handle Email Addresses?

When creating account, the software will first use a fake email address. You can choose the domain for this on the right side of the email text file path. It is defaulted to “”, but you can edit this text to any email.

The reasoning for this is to prevent wasting emails. You can read more about this in step 3 of: The 10 Foundations Of Instagram Account Creation

If you have imported emails into the software (completely optional), you will be redirected to the profile page to change the email back to the one on the txt file. Otherwise the fake email will remain on the account and GramCreator will add your account to the accounts tab.

Finally, to track whether your email was used or not, the email address will be removed from the original text file containing the list of emails. That way you do not reuse old emails when restarting creation some other time with the same email address text file.

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