Buying Bulk Instagram Accounts

Buying Bulk Instagram Accounts

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Buying Instagram accounts has been around for ages. There’s a big market for it, with Instagram being one of the main targets for account buyers. However, putting trust into an external party to be honest about the accounts you are purchasing can always be a hard task.

With the constant rise in scams, especially in a tricky market such as this one, one should be extremely wary of who they buy accounts from. Especially with blocks, bans, pv’s and ev’s also on the rise on Instagram’s side.

Should I buy Instagram Accounts for my ventures?

The short answer is no. Instagram accounts should be treated like fuel in your journey. You need the fuel to burn, and generate money. However, if you buy fuel, you are already spending more money than you should. When buying an Instagram Account, the creators need to make profit, so they will charge twice, or three times the price needed.

With an Instagram Account Creator such as GramCreator, you can create your own accounts, and ensure that costs are kept low, and that you won’t be scammed or charged excessive rates. Furthermore, creating your own accounts gives you control over your own journey. If whoever supplies you bulk Instagram accounts goes missing, what would happen to your income?

What about API Instagram accounts?

API accounts are generally an exception. These are created with ultra anonymous proxies and normally don’t live a long life. They are created using super fast automated scripts and shouldn’t be used for growing purposes. If you would like to purchase API accounts, the best store is:

What format are accounts generally given away in / bought in?

Accounts are also generally given with a USERNAME:PASSWORD format. This format is extremely limited in what you can do with it, as it doesn’t give any info at all about the account.

With GramCreator, you can export with any format you like. You can include a username, a password, a proxy, the cookies, the email, the phone and so much more. You can also add any format delimiter you want. Example:


Format delimiter is “:”


Format delimiter is “|”

This is great if you want to import these accounts into a pre-existing software, such as Jarvee, or Followliker.

Account giveaways

There is often people looking for free accounts. We understand that not everyone can afford either an Instagram Account Creator, or Accounts in general. For this reason, we’ve launched many account giveaways in the past, and gave away over 50,000 accounts in total.

Examples: (200 accounts per post) (5 accounts per post) (1 account per post)

How can I join another giveaway?

Simple answer, just follow us on BHW:

As soon as we make a new thread for a giveaway, you should be notified of it and be free to post in it. Accounts are usually sent out within 1/5 minutes of posting on our thread.


Buying bulk Instagram accounts is not a good idea at all. You should never depend on someone else to fuel your income. Using an Instagram Acccount Creator such as GramCreator will and has proven to save a lot of people time in the long run.

Best of luck, GramCreator team.

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