11 Actionable Marketing Hacks For FASTER Instagram Growth In 2020

11 Actionable Marketing Hacks For FASTER Instagram Growth In 2020

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With constant algorithm changes, it can be hard to keep your growth steady. Whether you’re an Instagram noob, or you own a full blown agency, we’re going to cover some really key techniques to increase your reach on Instagram.

In times like these, Instagram is being used the most in a while, so it’s really important that people make the most of this opportunity & thrive on this social media. We’ll be covering the hacks in no order whatsoever.

#1) Bookmarks

Instagram has recently added the capability to bookmark content. From our experience talking to our customers, we’ve come to learn that the Instagram algorithm really favors Instagram posts with a lot of saves/bookmarks. It’s clear to their algorithm that a post with a lot of user saves is content that people have really enjoyed.

If you have a big fan-base on Instagram, incite your followers to bookmark your content. Whether it’s for future reference, or as a favor, the Instagram algorithm will pickup on this and there will be a higher chance that you end up on the Instagram explore page.

#2) Private Messages & Comments

Any communication between two or more individuals concerning your posts is always great in Instagram’s eyes. It shows that your followers have something to say about the stuff you’re posting. It also helps distinguish between real accounts, and fake users trying to hack the algorithm by inflating fake numbers. Ask your followers to tag their friends, DM their friends about it, etc.

#3) Likes

Out of all engagement, this is the least likely to get you on the explore page. This is because Instagram wants to give everyone a fair chance at getting on the explore page. Small accounts can inflate their posts with fake likes, but it doesn’t mean it’s quality content. Nevertheless, likes are also a counter that Instagram uses for recommending your posts to others, so do take that into account.

#4) Multitasking

Juggling many accounts at once can be a huge learning experience, and can allow you to scale up all your accounts at once. By using automation tools (such as Jarvee), you can grow thousands of accounts at the same time. The starting point is to create your accounts using an Instagram Account Creator, such as GramCreator. This combined growth is 1000x faster than just growing one account at a time.

#5) Brand Ambassador Method

If your account is related to a product or service, which you think people on Instagram can help you promote, then feel free to use this method.

Contact semi-influencers (or people with less than 10k followers) & offer them a cut of each sale they make (referral) for a 1 year occupation on their bio.

There are plenty of WordPress plugins out there (Such as Ignico) that will help you create this system in a few clicks.

Eventually, this will get their friends involved & help you spread the word about your brand.

#6) Use IGTV

Instagram TV is a new feature made by Instagram, which allows users to view longer content in a similar fashion to YouTube, where videos can be rotated and viewed horizontally. Instagram is trying to heavily push the usage of this function, and the explore page has a lot of IGTV videos, so make sure you make use of this.

#7) Stories

Stories are the perfect way to grow during this quarantine. Keep your eye out for “Stay at home” and other similar stickers, which will push your stories to the first position on a users feed. Users on MPSocial & BHW have reported 200%+ more story views using stickers, so always include stickers in your stories.

#8) Hashtags

Use tools such as keywordtool to research the best hashtags in your niche. Remember that hashtags don’t only apply to posts, but IGTV & stories, which are also shown in a hashtag’s feed page. Quality hashtags on their own can bring you a lot of organic growth.

#9) Giveaways

Instagram users, such as MrBeast, have amassed nearly 4 million likes (4x more than his normal posts), asking people to share his giveaway post on their story (which then creates an exponential growth curve), as all his friends are then sharing that post on their stories too! This is especially clever if you decide to giveaway products that people need due to the current climate. Home gym set giveaways are doing very well right now, as everyone is stuck at home without much to do.

#10) Mother Child Method

Use accounts created by an Instagram Account Creator, and then modify their bios and tag your main account. By completing actions on those accounts, you don’t risk your main account to be action blocked or banned. Creating engaging comments, messaging people etc, on those accounts, will eventually lead them to your main account.

#11) Commenting On Other Accounts

Instagram comments with the highest amount of likes & comments are generally seen at the top of the comment section. If you manage to comment very early on a post, just when it’s uploaded, your comment is very likely to do better, as you would be competing for less positions at the top. Combine that with clever witt (on meme pages), or interesting facts, and you’re bound to do well and drive traffic your way.

Instagram Growth Conclusion

We hope these growth hacks can help you skyrocket your Instagram marketing game, as they are all proven to help in one way or another. If you would like to know more about Instagram automation in general (for automated growth), feel free to check out all of our other blog posts.

As always, happy botting! – GramCreator Team

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